A Trip for Japanese Local Cuisine

In the nearby Seta River (in Otsu city) is an ancient mount of shijimi clam shells (freshwater clams), which suggests that they have been a special product of this area for quite some time. Moreover, since the Meiji era (late 19th century), the name "Omi gyu" (Omi beef) has become famous throughout Japan. At the Sensinryo restaurant of our conference city, Otsu, you can enjoy shijimi clam rice which is famous throughout the Ishiyama area, the adjacent area of our conference, and also some "Omi gyu". This trip can be arranged by the local organizing committee for IFSA-SCIS 2017 for participants who are interested in one of those special dishes at Sensinryo restaurant by registration through the conference website by May 31, 2017.

Trip Day and Time: from 17:50 to around 20:00 on June 28, 2017

(The participants of summer school cannot participate to this trip
because of a schedule conflict.)

Minimum and Maximum Passenger Counts: 5-50

Trip Fare: 5,000 JPY

Gathering Spot and Time: Around the Registration Desk at 17:50 (June 28)

Return Spot: Around the Entrance of Conference site

Menu (set of dishes): Select one from the following menus A and B
(a drink (e.g., beer, sake or soft drink) is included)

Menu A

Menu A : Shijimi Clam Rice
- 8 kinds of local dishes
- Tempura (Japanese style fritter)
- Koi Fish (Carp) Sashimi
- Koi Fish Boiled with Soy Sauce and Sugar
- Shijimi Clam Rice
- Shijimi Soup
- Dessert

Menu B

Menu B: Omi Beef
- 8 kinds of local dishes
- Sukiyaki Pan of Omi Beef
- Tempura (Japanese style fritter)
- Koi Fish (Carp) Sashimi
- Rice
- Dessert

Registration and Deadline:

You can register to this trip though registration page of conference site .
The registration should be made not later than May 31, 2017.

Cancelation Policy:

By May 31, 2017: 10% of your total amount will be charged as the handling cost.
From June 1, 2017: 100% of your total amount will be charged.