Futuristic Event: Fuzzy Publication+Flash Talk

~Scientific Communication Venture for our Future~


What: A scientific communication site + a flash talk. The site is to be persistently maintained by the SOFT (pending approval).

When and where: The flash talk contest will he held at 3p on June 29th at the Large Meeting Room (simultaneously held with the poster session).

How to start: Click the above URL.

Interested? Please contact Professor Junji Nishino (ifsafuzzypublication@fs.se.uec.ac.jp).
Please write in the subject line of your email: "[IFSA FUZZYPUBLICATION]"


  1. Like blogs and SNS, polls and comments should serve as the impact measurement. This is NOT to be confused with an online peer reviewed publication. There is NO INTENTION of replacing any traditional peer reviewed publications.

  2. The flash talk contest will be held simultaneously with the poster session. All abstracts and author information of the papers in this poster session are entered by default. Those poster presenters are encouraged to participate in the flash talk contest (but not mandatory -- simply ignore if not interested).

  3. Interested presenters should upload a poster in PDF prior to the contest and simply show up on the stage in time. The contest will be end either when the time is up or when there is no more participant.

  4. 1 minute for a flask talk. 2 minute QA will follow.
    Additional 2 minutes for overhead -- transition from one talk to the other, etc.

  5. The contest winner is to be recognized on the above web site.

  6. ALL flash talks are to be videorecorded and posted on the above web site.

  7. You MUST pay the registration fee to participate in the flash talk contest. No payment is required to present your science online only.